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5 tips to differentiate your restaurant from others

The current gastronomic offer is so varied that attracting new consumers to our restaurant can be a headache if we don't know where to start. However, there are practices that will help differentiate your restaurant from the competition. We help you with these 5 tips.


Defining the style of your restaurant is the first step to differentiate your restaurant from others. Once you have developed your style, focus on your strengths, boost them and use them as competitive advantages. Ask yourself, what is the best attribute of your Mexican restaurant that makes it different from other Mexican restaurants?

Personalized service

The quality of work and care speak for themselves. Select the best team, people who serve well and are motivated; Clients will notice this attitude and feel comfortable in an environment. Currently, people seek to invest in experiences, so, in addition to good food, personalized service will be the determining factor for the customers you have at your table to choose you on their next visit. If you have an attractive menu and good service, you are closer to differentiating your restaurant from others.

Original cymbals

If you want to be remembered, you must include innovative dishes on your menu. Even if you have already marked the type of food you will offer, you can always vary a couple of ingredients to provide a different experience. For example, if you specialize in Italian food, you can spice up your menu with local or seasonal ingredients.christmas_pizza_tree2

Environment and decoration

In addition to the food, the space and the atmosphere in which the experience of visiting you unfolds are definitive for customers to decide to return. One of the trends in restaurant decoration is industrial design that gives a touch vintage with furniture or items that can be recycled to give a fresh look. No matter who your ally is, remember that originality is always the first step to differentiate your restaurant.image

Family space

One of the most important markets in the gastronomic offer is the family one, so considering this segment can give you several extra points. One way to achieve this is by implementing a children's menu or, if the style of your restaurant allows it, including a play area. You can also designate a space (such as a terrace) to offer families, have baby seats, among other options.

The restaurant sector is fertile ground for innovation. The variety of styles, spaces, ingredients and techniques allow you to differentiate your restaurant from the menu to its service.