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How technology is changing the way business works

How technology is changing the way business works

Business digitization is a reality almost everywhere in the world, and Mexico is not far behind! The Mexican consumer is looking for more and more practicality and control in the money they spend, and it is time for you to offer just that.

While it has not been an overnight process, it is true that we are living in an era where progress sometimes occurs faster than many entrepreneurs would like or be ready.


How can you take advantage of these new technologies?

The digitization of each business will be different, depending on the business and its size, as well as the vision that the “captain of the ship” has.

The path that each business chooses to take will also be different, but don't worry, we are here to support you in this process. To get started, we share some tips for you to survive these changes successfully:

Design (or adapt) your business model to the new paradigms.

Companies as varied as hotels or restaurants, need today more than ever to rely on the "cloud" and other types of storage to accumulate an enormous amount of information: from sales reports, to the preferences of hotel guests, to have where to save and easy access to information will help you make decisions in less time.

Another issue that you could add to your business scheme is the possibility of venturing into e-commerce. These online stores are a way to have new branches, for a fraction of the cost! And the statistics will be on your side, as smartphones are expected to have an even more widespread place in the pockets of your potential customers in the coming years.

Develop a culture of digital "loyalty"

If you are already considering it, or if you have already started this transformation, you have surely heard the topic of "engagement" applied to virtual social networks. It is one of the most complicated topics, converting your followers into an active community that interacts and even engages with your brand through the internet.

But some authors agree that those entrepreneurs who understand that it is a two-way process, where you also have to commit to your community, will be able to take advantage of this great digital marketing and advertising tool.

Some new technologies can enhance the ones you already use

Many businesses already use, for example, technological tools to keep track of sales or financial statements. However, tools are being developed day by day to optimize the above and even automate many functions. National Soft, for example, has several platforms that can be combined with some that its users already use.

Such is the case of Soft Restaurant, where warehouse management can be carried out to the detail you need, even considering the weight of an avocado peel and its pit for example. Use tools that can also provide you with automatic reports and other detailed data that will surely be of great use to you.

The needs and opportunities of any business change as time progresses and sales increase (or, in the worst case, decrease). Despite these changes, knowledge is still fundamental to the life of the business: we hope that these ideas will help you cope with any change that you have to experience!