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Customer service in restaurants: Take your service to excellence

The quality of the service is a key point to achieve the loyalty of the diner, even being decisive in their decision to return or recommend your restaurant. In days past we had the honor of talking with Gabriela González that today gives you part of his knowledge so that together we can bring service to excellence.

Gabriela González Degree in Business Administration from the Tecnológico de Monterrey

Gabriela has 10 years of exprofessional experience in project development, customer service and training in companies such as GM Finance y Ally Financial.


She is currently an expert consultant in the formation of high performance teams. It is also that "demanding diner" who can test how efficient the attention and service of the restaurants he visits are being ..."He who does not live to serve, does not serve to live" (Mother Teresa of Calcutta).

El the service It is the minimum acceptable that we owe to customers, but good customer service in restaurants will also be your differential value between businesses similar to yours. So the key is that you take this value to another level. You have to go back fans of your service to diners.

It is proven that the 65% of sales volume average of a company, are satisfied customers with the service received. This translates to tips, so good service in a restaurant makes everyone a win!


Active listening in a restaurant

Making diners fans of your service, giving them that impact and power, is guarantee your return to your restaurant. But how to achieve it? The first thing is To listen and practicing what we call "active listening”With all the restaurant staff, but especially those who are in front.
If the team is mindful and focus on understanding what customers ask for and need, communication flows naturally (with this tool, even errors in orders are avoided!).


Good service in a restaurant

La excellence in service it is also paying attention to details. From receiving every guest with a smile in the face, until would you search that added value that your customers seek (and you must offer, so that they remember you).

Thus we go from a regular service to a service of another level. It's an art, just as it is the art of selling. Questions as simple as the waiters dominate the menu and enjoy the dishes, to be able persuade When customers talk about it, they make a difference.

Success stories such as Banamex, American Express and a large number of restaurants (which surely have jumped to your mind as you read this article), are examples of a Quality service.

Improve your scustomer service in restaurants

You can also achieve it, perfectly articulating your entire team in the approach to service, mastering the dishes and these communication keys that we share with you today. If you want other tips, don't miss the full Webinar by giving click aquí.

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