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4 Trends in the restaurant industry for 2019

As every year the trends in the gastronomic industry set new horizons for the development of strategies for your restaurant, 2019 is no exception, in this article you will find 4 trends that you should take into account to innovate your service.


To begin with, we must define what a trend in the restaurant industry is, well, in its purest definition a trend is a natural inclination or disposition that a person has towards a certain aspect, in the gastronomic field, trends are set by innovative business models, consumer ideologies, technology and customers.

1. Innovation in home delivery

It is not a secret that recently home order apps have changed the consumption trend of the Mexican market, studies in the American market by the NPD Group company indicate that food delivery services registered considerable profits and represent 50 percent One hundred entries for home delivery, undoubtedly the euphoria over digital orders represent a great opportunity for your restaurant, there is very little left to match the figures with our northern neighbor, it is an opportune time to propose a strategy that includes these digital services Among the current options on the market are Rappi, No apron, Uber eats and Soft Restaurant App, the latter offers a direct connection with your Soft Restaurant® point of sale system, the design of your own app, among many more benefits.

Digital home orders are a trend that is captivating a recurring audience that is getting used to ordering for breakfast, lunch and in addition to dinner, take into account this constantly growing trend.

2. The new Fast-Casual fast food

The new generations of diners such as millennials and zilenials, represent the largest niche of the working population, and therefore business models oriented to their consumption habits are having overwhelming success, one of them is casual fast food, this new The gastronomic trend differs from traditional fast food by the selection of its ingredients, we can find a hamburger or hot dog, with a different production process, with organic origin, fresh inputs, sometimes with superior quality meat and of course vegan alternatives , sustainable or ecologically responsible.

This trend has been adopted by new restaurants due to the success it has with the new generations who like its atmosphere, cooking style and the great acceptance they have in their social circles. You probably have products that can be cataloged. Fast-Casual try to adapt them to the philosophy of this trend and share a new gastronomic experience with your customers.

3. The flexibility of veganism

A strong trend for healthy restaurants is flexitarianism, which consists of reducing the consumption of meats through a diet designed for the sustainability of the planet and with positive effects against climate change, this trend seeks the use of legumes, legumes and vegetables, with Up to 80% smaller portions of meat and rice, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture would be reduced by more than half, the growth of this gastronomic trend is evidenced in a nutritional study of eating habits prepared by Nestlé in 2017 , where it indicates that 57% of vegetarians are vegetarian for ethical and animalistic reasons, 21% for sustainability and 17% for health reasons.

This trend for healthy restaurants satisfies a sector of customers concerned about sustainability, looking for food with organic origins and pesticide-free crops.

4. More than an experience

The "experience" factor in a restaurant motivates customers to visit and share their experience on social networks, the design of the front of your restaurant plays a crucial role photos and mentions from social networks such as Instagram, now diners expect more than one delicious food from their favorite restaurant, they want to share it among their social circles.

To initiate a change in the image of your restaurant, answer the following questions: Who are your guests? What do they expect from my restaurant? And what distinguishes you from the competition? With these questions you can start the remodeling of your restaurant.

Identify the tastes of your customers and their behavior in the restaurant, sometimes they themselves provide suggestions that you should take into account to innovate the experience, some changes may be accessible, others simple such as a paint change, consider the redesign of the logo, reinforce your brand image and generates more activity on social networks, you can still incorporate art or designate recreation areas such as gardens.

Trends in the gastronomic sector are an opportunity to focus your strategy and take advantage of the benefits brought by changes in consumption habits and the application of new technologies in restaurants, we hope that your restaurant creates new trends, very successful.