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7 Mom's Tips to Apply in the Kitchen

There are teachings that last a lifetime, not only because of the learning they mean, but because of the person who shared them. Without a doubt, the one who has taught us the most about life is our mother, especially when it comes to cooking. To remember and honor her knowledge this mother's month, we list 7 tips from mom to apply in the kitchen.

Rectify flavor

Cooking is an art, that is why, if you are a first time in the kitchen, mom recommends rectifying the seasoning of our preparation before finishing our dish. This will help correct any lack or excess of flavor before serving.

Avoid smells

If you have eaten eggs, fish or foods with a strong smell, one way to prevent your dishes from absorbing it is by washing with lemon beforehand. After this step, commonly wash your dishes.

Perfect pasta

To prepare the perfect pasta, once it has been al dente, it is necessary to drain it and pass it through cold water; This will help loosen the pasta and prevent it from continuing to cook in the heat of the water.

Save your food

Whether you cook at night or in the morning, it is essential that before refrigerating your food, you confirm that it is at room temperature. If you put it in the fridge while it's still hot, your job as a chef could fall apart.

Cut onion without crying

Once you have peeled the onion, you can soak it in water, like the knife, and repeat this step as more cuts are made; Another way is to light a candle near where the onion is to be cut, or to light the extractor hood; A third option is cutting cold onions, so it is good to put them in the freezer, at least one hour before cutting.

Prepare rice

Making rice without sticking is a ritual. Although a lot has to do with the instructions on the packaging, usually two cups of water are needed for each cup of rice to be prepared. The rule of thumb is not to stir the rice until the water has evaporated, only then can you check for doneness.

Store your recipes

Moms often have a secret recipe book that they will surely want to share with you or invite you to make yours. The good news is that you can create yours too and now you can do it with digital tools (like Pinterest®).

Mom always wants the best for us, even if it comes to becoming an Ace of the kitchen. Did you already know these tricks? What are Mom's tips that got you out of trouble in the kitchen? Share other secrets with us!