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How to implement technology in your restaurant

We find ourselves in an era in which the technological world is part of our life in many ways, even when it comes to eating. Currently, before going to a restaurant, we check their social networks, look for their location, check schedules or request their menu virtually, which is why it is vital to implement technology in your restaurant. We share some recommendations on how to equip your restaurant correctly.

Social Media

InstagramPosition your brand on social networks. If you want to make yourself known, the best way to do it is by reaching your audience through these platforms. Facebook and Instagram are the ones that are best adapted to gastronomic businesses, as they allow you to view photographs of your main dishes, publicize your promotions and provide the basic data of your establishment (website, telephone, hours, address, location).

You can also join Swarm on Foursquare or TripAdvisor and allow your consumers to register their visits, leave opinions and recommend your establishment. This tool is a way of attracting the public because it is the consumers themselves who rate the place, giving more credibility to the good opinions.


One way to retain your customers is through your website. In it you can include your menu to make it easier to present your offer, create photo galleries, add links to your social networks. If your restaurant is part of a franchise, it is essential to have an internet site where your audience can learn a little about the philosophy of the place, contacts and its branches.


Mobile SR We are very close to restaurant kitchens being filled with the electronic devices needed to make and serve meals. Screens and tablets are some of the devices that you can implement in the operation of your restaurant when taking the order or delivering the bill.


The first step to strengthen ties between technology and the operation of your restaurant is to implement software that manages the main aspects of your business, such as data protection, electronic invoicing, reporting and inventories, among others. Soft Restaurant has all these tools that allow you to control the operation of your restaurant easily, quickly and safely.

We invite you to learn about Soft Restaurant®, a complete tool that will allow you to manage your business regardless of the line of business your restaurant belongs to. In addition, there is the option of implementing additional modules according to the needs of your company.