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Ideas for decorating your restaurant

The decoration of your restaurant is an aspect that should not be taken lightly, it is just as important as the taste of the food that your restaurant has. The purpose of the decoration or setting of your restaurant is to make your diner feel comfortable from the moment they cross the front door.

Would you like to know ... How to win over the public from your first visit? Or make your clients fall in love withbefore have tasted the food? Next, we share with you some decoration ideas for your restaurant that you can apply in the short term.


Choosing a concept for your restaurant is a fundamental part of shaping your business. An identity will make things easier for your restaurant, since, according to the concept or identity, it is how you will have the opportunity to handle the same line at the time of advertising, in addition this will make your restaurant position in an easier way in the mind of the diner. Take into account that, if you develop an attractive and functional concept for your restaurant, you will be opening a great way for your business to open a franchise scheme, making an idea, a great idea! Remember ... the important thing is to define what you want to convey and how you can translate it.

Open kitchen

Including successful trends will help your restaurant to be better decorated; Nowadays, a successful trend is the open kitchen, in which the restaurant shows its most intimate and important side. This allows diners to increase the level of confidence in the restaurant. In addition to generating that feeling of tranquility, it is a way to give your business a bonus, it will make it more attractive and the diner out of curiosity to see the operation will spend an approximate time of 30 to 40 seconds admiring your kitchen. So, if you made a good investment in your kitchen and you are orderly in it, it will be a good option to share with your guests. Don't forget that odor extraction is an important factor when making this point.


The home style is the one that most grabs the attention of diners. Make them feel at home with the decoration and you will have them planning their next visit. Use "retro" dinnerware, vintage furniture, and other utensils that give your restaurant a homey look.


In addition to being closely linked to emotions, our sense of smell has a greater impact on our memory than what we perceive with our eyes. Therefore, we recommend that you define the atmosphere of your restaurant with natural smells. Let fresh food fill the place with its smell and help spread it with flowers, freshly baked bread or one of your specialties. This will give it a fresh and natural touch.


If you choose to use music to decorate your restaurant, be sure to play music that reinforces your concept. For example, if you've created a laid-back space, combine it with country music or bossa-nova depending on your specialties. In addition, you must take into account the volume with which you set your restaurant, you should not fall into something very loud or noisy if your business is something quiet to relax and enjoy a good conversation. It is also important to make the employees see that the music is not based on personal tastes, but focused 100% on the restaurant concept.

Nice weather

One of the most important characteristics for the setting of your restaurant is to have a pleasant climate, having the right temperature will make customers feel comfortable and willing to spend more time inside the place. You must take into account changes in the weather outside and know that your air should not always be at 24 ° C, for example, but be vigilant so that you are always at the exact temperature in which your clients are comfortable.



Trends emerge every day that can help you give your restaurant a new look or reinforce the identity you've created. From furniture such as tables and chairs to details such as glassware help to set your restaurant to preserve its identity. You can stay at the forefront by consulting specialized magazines, pinterest and all social networks.

Do you know of any other ideas to decorate your restaurant that have worked for you? Share it with us!

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