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Hooters Bolivia - Soft Restaurant Professional Client

Who would have imagined that the fugitives and creators of the iconic Hooters would see their 1983 invention in Clearwater, Florida become an international icon and phenomenon?

Certainly not the "Hooters Six" group, who would have proudly replied, "What the heck is an icon?"

Well, many might say that Hooters is a refreshing beach restaurant, with great food, which represents something of an oasis for millions of people in hundreds of different locations in almost 30 countries around the world. Others may see him as the 1992 NASCAR Cup champion, or for having been in Mexico for more than 16 years offering wings, or perhaps they identify him with the Hooters Air airline, or the Hooters Casino, or the impressive Hooters Calendar, or the delicious Hooters Wings, or with the annual campaign of Hooters of the Fight against cancer ...

 … And of course, those who recognize Hooters for their iconic and famous Hooters Girls could not be absent, they are already more than 300,00! of them. Wow! Please accept our sincere thanks for this 30th anniversary. You make this story even more exciting and encouraging… so sit back and enjoy this OASIS that you helped create.

Implemented solution:

  • Soft Restaurant® Professional
  • Kitchen Production Monitor Module
  • Fingerprint Security Module