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How to manage my restaurant's Facebook page

How to manage my restaurant's Facebook page

How do you know if you are managing your social networks correctly? It may be a complicated task but it is important that you analyze the following points that we share in this article to create successful campaigns on Facebook.

Facebook continues to be the main social network with 99% penetration among Mexican Internet users, followed by WhatsApp with 93%, Youtube with 82%, Instagram with 63% and Twitter with 39% participation.


Without a doubt, it is a platform that should be part of the digital strategies of your gastronomic business. 

How to configure your facebook page with the commercial manager?

You probably already have a fanpage and you think it is all you need to succeed on Facebook, but there are additional tools that help you boost your business and turn it into a potential customer engine.


The first step is to create a business administrator profile by doing click here, it is very easy to automatically create your own personal facebook profile.


The advantages of the commercial administrator for your restaurant is to have control over the access and permissions of your page, whether you work with an agency or hire a specialist to manage your fan page, if you want your business to grow or if you need to protect your business you can consult all advantages here.


Another important point is to complete your profile 100%, the telephone fields, address and hours are essential, but the same is the category of your business, add a story and the username that will be the name with which they will find your restaurant on Facebook.


Facebook additionally has tools that facilitate obtaining reports and statistics to know your audience, with audience insights You will be able to know the age of your followers, their level of studies, sentimental situation, connection medium and many interesting data that are useful when creating content for your social networks. 


The set of these data as well as an estimate of their purchasing power is known as buyer persona, it is important to create at least 2 profiles with names and if possible an illustrative photo, it will be easier for you to establish communication with your clients if you know their age, gender and tastes. 

Now is the time to put your restaurant on the map of facebook

If your restaurant has several branches from the commercial administrator you can add locations manually or migrate an existing page. It is important to register all your branches since the facebook places tools will recommend your restaurant to people within the same area.


It will also allow users to check in with each visit to your establishment.

Online reservations for your restaurant from facebook

A very important trend in the A&B sector is reservations now with the new tool that Facebook makes available will be an easier task to manage.

You can configure the button by pressing on it, to later configure the reservation option, this tool allows you to configure the previous time to request an appointment, synchronize the appointments to your google calendar and send reminders to your clients to come to your establishment.

Once configured you can start adding your services, costs, description, attractive images and start a content strategy to attract the largest number of customers. 



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Why is it important to create good content for your restaurant's social networks?

Good content is a magnet for new customers, you must orient your efforts towards your buyer persona or target audience that we talked about at the beginning of this article and take into account the following points when writing your publications:

  • Must attack a problem or desire
  • Must offer a solution
  • Must state a plan or make a call to action



No plan for this weekend? 😏


Enjoy (dish) 🍔🌮 to the rhythm of the sauce

Plan and Action

Book at 999xxx 📲 and enjoy the experience (restaurant). 🔥🔥🔥

What content can I create to get new customers? 

Content marketing is important for the digital strategies of your restaurant. We share 4 types of content that you can create to attract new customers to your social networks.

Educational content in your restaurant

Video content longer than 3 minutes has a strong boost from Facebook, being an opportune time to create content that educates your audience, proposing recipes, information about your products and services, cocktail demonstrations, barista tips and all the content that transmits knowledge to your customers.

Inspiring content for your restaurant 

It is time to take out the camera and take photos of every corner of your restaurant, the plates, the warmth of your staff, everything counts to generate content that generates confidence in your restaurant and above all inspires your customers who love gastronomy.

Content to create a community

Another content strategy for your restaurant is to create a community and for that you need to invest in content that strongly impacts your buyer persona, the best way to achieve this objective is by creating a group or actively participate in groups in your area, providing infographics, articles , interesting facts and memes related to your business.

Convey your personality

One last strategy is to show your personal side, this works very well for restaurants that have a main chef or are signature establishments, live videos, tips, recipes or a topic that you are passionate about will be well received by your audience who will feel more close to you and your restaurant, turning your viewers into frequent customers of your establishment.

How to handle bad comments from your restaurant on social media?

No one is exempt from a bad comment on social networks, fortunately there are many strategies to lessen the impact of a negative rating for your restaurant, see our article on the best ways to request recommendations for your restaurant.


Do you want to know more strategies to manage the social networks of your restaurant?

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How to prepare a successful Facebook campaign