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The Café Bibi Restaurant was founded in December 1960 by Mr. José Luis Carela and his wife, in a small area of ​​their house and placing two tables outside. They themselves served the small restaurant and the dishes they offered were paella, Galician broth, machaca burritos, fresh waters and hot chocolate. In January 1979 the restaurant was transferred to Mr. Fernando Zarain, since then it has continued to grow continuously.

With 48 years of experience and permanence in the taste and preference of our clients, the Café Bibi Restaurant offers a great variety of dishes and drinks.

Our Vision

Consolidate ourselves as a leading company in the international kitchen industry, recognized for quality and service, driven by a system of values ​​that promote excellence, honesty, respect and collaboration; employees motivated in their continuous improvement. In constant growth, with a healthy financial situation that allows permanence for future generations.

We are located in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora

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