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4 ways to increase the sale of drinks in your bar or restaurant

4 ways to increase the sale of drinks in your bar or restaurant

In the following article you will find 4 strategies to create unique promotions and the correct way to manage your drinks and spirits to celebrate big in your bar or restaurant.

The month of March is a benchmark for the consumption of alcoholic beverages around the world, due to celebrations such as St. Patrick's Day where bars and restaurants celebrate in style by offering special promotions for their customers.

In Mexico we also celebrate beer in the month of March with events and festivals such as Ensenada Beerfest, Cervefest Xochimilco, Mariachela, among many more proposals to enjoy in a big way, as owner or manager of a bar or restaurant you need to prepare your menu and promotions to pamper your customers and increase the sale of beverages during the month.

Free beer promotions

The best promotions for bars include a free beer, the dynamics to offer this promotion are very diverse, you can accompany any of your entrees or special dishes with one or more free beers, another example is offering a free drink when consuming 4 of your most daring cocktails .

These promotions can be activated during the weekend or at specific times, it can also serve as a tool to encourage the visit of customers, whether they are young people, groups of friends, couples or singles, create campaigns that communicate your promotions in a unique and fun way to attract the ideal customer service for your bar or restaurant.

Surprise promotion

If a free drink brightens up your customers' day, getting a surprise promotion at your bar or restaurant will definitely make them love you, St. Patrick's Day weekend is an opportunity to offer surprise prizes to your visitors, whether they are discounts, drinks, tastings or 2x1 promotions, the dynamics is simple, designate a number of prizes to be awarded per day, design the way in which the winners will be chosen, it can be for the visitor number X of the day, a previously selected seat or in the cup holders when serving the drinks and finally inform your customers of the days that the surprise promotion will be available.

Smart promotions

Technology offers us unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating promotions in your restaurant, through your point of sale software and loyalty programs such as RestCard, you can know the number of visits from your customers, the average ticket of their consumption and even your favorite drink, with this data you can make personalized promotions for each type of customer.

An important parameter to take into account is the number of visits to your establishment, use the data offered by your system to make loyalty promotions, some examples are: your favorite free drink on your X visit of the month.

Create your own events

Take advantage of the 5 weekends that March has this year to create events in your bar or restaurant, offer live music, comedian presentations, drink contests, wine tasting and even craft beer exhibition, the latter is a good option to connect with local producers and strengthen ties with your most demanding customers.

Remember to work as a team with other local companies to increase interest in your event, consider which businesses are compatible with your event and what options they offer to your clients, so that together they give an unforgettable experience.

Liquor management in your point of sale system

Before starting to plan your promotions for the month of March, we invite you to watch the following video, to learn about the different ways to register your liquors in your Soft Restaurant® system.


Much success in the promotions you design for your restaurant and we are waiting for you next week with a new article of interest.